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Cleartool Error Baseline Is In Conflict With


Defaults to 'CHILD'. Trimming the change log This is only useful in poll-self mode, and will filter off changes from contributing activities. In cleartool single-command mode, cmd-context represents the UNIX shell or Windows command interpreter prompt, followed by the cleartool command. For more information on the cleartool rename command, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man rename.

Clearingintegrationactivity... Note that this is the only mode creating auxiliary streams. GUI Since the root directory of the Multi-Component VOB cannot be checked out, the cleartool mkelem from the CLI and add to source control from the GUI are prevented: From command See the descriptions of -status and -preview.-l·ong As a modifier of -status, displays a list of activities and change sets and a list of elements that will require merging, in addition http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1PM95042

Unable To Cancel Rebase Because Another Operation Is Trying To Complete

cleartool: Error: Rebase in progress on stream "prj1_dev" using view "prj1_dev_vu" does not match the view specified. Note: If there is no VOB available to be restored, please contact IBM Rational ClearCase Support and have the below information ready. Deliver has merged M:\vonc_test_dat_a\adev\test>ct deliver -target [email protected]\myPVob -force -complete I confirm the GUI did not display Trivial although the textual output of the same deliver does mention Trivial merge...

If you use this plugin - please share your current usage of it - and read what others have achieved: Share Your Usage of This Plugin. Process variables: name=UCM_INTEGRATION_ACTIVITY value=ver=1 state=1 ... MultiSite - polling for posted deliveries The plugin supports polling for posted deliveries in a MultiSite environment. That makes sense.

A new baseline can be applied across one or more components depending on the switches you use with the mkbl command. Integration Activity Change Set Is Not Empty Although "basename" CAN be combined with other keywords in the template - it can not be entirely omitted.It's highly recommended, that if you want to use the plugin's baseline naming strategy In this setup, the plugin can work in two different modes: Standalone mode: The process is a bit different from normal: on top of making the baseline, the developer must issue The more streams you have accessing a project, the more deliver and rebase operations you can run.

Creating element ... Basic settings:Recommend Baseline If the checkboxRecommend baselineis set, a successful build will recommend the baseline that was used. share|improve this answer edited Aug 23 '09 at 13:59 answered Jul 7 '09 at 8:43 VonC 635k19718291923 Interesting, though then I don't understand why this only happens in the If you are using DB2 and synchronizing large trees (> 10,000 files), ensure that your LOGFILSIZ is at least 16384 or you might encounter error SQLCODE: -964, SQLSTATE: 57011 The transaction

Integration Activity Change Set Is Not Empty

United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. Example: %> cleartool diffbl stream:Integration1 stream:Deliver1 -> change_dir "change_dir" >> change_dir_2 "change_dir_2" >> test36 "test36_2" The following symbols are used to describe the results of a comparison: Symbol Meaning << The Unable To Cancel Rebase Because Another Operation Is Trying To Complete Jan clearcase clearcase-ucm share|improve this question edited Nov 30 '11 at 7:05 Mat 137k21236276 asked Jul 7 '09 at 7:52 Jan 1,97121214 I have to leave for 2 hours, Unable To Cancel Delivery Because Another Operation Is Trying To Complete This option does not remain in effect after a rebase operation is interrupted.Controlling Command-Line PromptsDefaultPrompt for user input.-f·orce Suppresses prompting for user input during the course of a rebase operation.

Copying "M:\vonc_test_dat_int\adev\test\[email protected]@\main\Test_DAT_B\2" to output file. In general build performance is also much better in snapshot views that are hosted by the clients native file system - once they are loaded. Is there oscillating charge in a hydrogen atom? Unable to check out "M:\proj1_dev_vu\multivob\." . Error Cancelling Rebase Of Stream

Started by "Joe_User" at 09/10/01 16:15:16. A few comments first: you may want to avoid creating streams attached to resources (developer "A", developer "B"): if they are working on separate set of files for the same global If the build is successful, the baseline is delivered to the target stream and you can choose to create a baseline on it. But the outcome of a Jenkins job really has three possible states; Succes, unstable and failure.

cleartool: Error: Activity "rebase.Test_DAT_B.20090707.125044" must be added to activity list to preserve baseline order in stream. Displays only a list of the activities.Specifying BaselinesDefaultNone. -rec·ommended Specifies that a development stream is to be rebased to its parent stream's recommended baselines. Done incrementally labeling baseline "new_baseline_name.9093".

The crd that is created is a new directory element that is visble from within a UCM view for the purpose of working in a UCM project.

But in your case where you have one of the potentially automatically selected storages that you can't write to, you will need some way to control which storage is used, and We wanted the view to be a structure inside the job's workspace. C:\>cleartool setcs -tag prj1_dev_vu2 -stream If the new development view is a snapshot view, then a cleartool update must be performed to synchronize the view with the stream. Cause When working in ClearCase UCM, checking out the root of a Multiple Component VOB fails with the following error: Note: You would also see this error while attempting to check-out

Started by "jdoe" at 01/31/05 12:08:32. Started by "administrator" at 6/7/2006 3:51:07 PM. This is not expected behavior as the mastership change should be transparent to the end user. Terminate the rebase on the development stream: C:\>ucmutil setpvar -pvar UCM_REBASE -none stream:[email protected]\PVOB1 ucmutil: Warning: VOB is replicated; can only repair objects mastered in this replica.

Example: M:\View\PVOB> cleartool describe -fmt "%[view]p" activity:MyActivity My_Dev_View Note: If there is no line that specifies the current view returned in the outpu By default, the rebase operation stops when it encounters a checkout conflict. You can deliver Activity B without delivering Activity C. 2. How do I – understand the “Not able to recommend baselines after enabling UCM policies” issue After enabling both POLICY_CHPROJECT_UNRESTRICTED and POLICY_CHSTREAM_UNRESTRICTED, any user in the group that owns the project

Copying "M:\vonc_test_dat_b\adev\test\[email protected]@\main\Test_DAT_Int\Test_DAT_A\1" to output file. The file and directory versions selected by those new baselines (and thus their associated activities) then become visible in the stream's views.Only labeled baselines can serve as foundation baselines.Any changes made Created baseline "Cust_Test_01_08_03" in component "chowchow". Browse other questions tagged merge clearcase rebase merge-conflict-resolution or ask your own question.

Browse other questions tagged clearcase clearcase-ucm or ask your own question. How do I - rename a UCM project from CLI or GUI A ClearCase UCM stream can be renamed using CLI or GUI functionality. If the baseline template name is changed, synchronization will fail. Workaround: Write some scripting to extract the useful parts of the message from the useless parts.

The fix prevents the direct removal of a baseline using cleartool rmbl.