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Cobian Backup Error Uploading The File


Fixed * Fixed a bug when adding a directory to a 7z archive. Permission denied(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:55 PM - rockgod (> CWD /(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:55 PM - rockgod (> 250 CWD successful. "/" is current directory.(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:55 PM - rockgod (> NOOP(000024) 8/2/2009 If not, why not? In this version, only lists that have been created by versions 6,7 and 8 can be imported. check over here

Q: The program works fine when running as an administrator or power user in XP/2000 but it refuses to start as a normal user. Now the program forces a full backup instead. * The Cancel and OK button on the task properties never was translated. Permission denied(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:59 PM - rockgod (> CWD /(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:59 PM - rockgod (> 250 CWD successful. "/" is current directory.(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:59 PM - rockgod (> NOOP(000024) 8/2/2009 Especially important are all the INI files in the subdirectory "Db". http://www.cobiansoft.com/cobianbackup_faq.htm

Cobian Backup 11 Gravity

In order to do this, the program requests a list of files. What do I do? the same account that I log into interactively and can do all the things I mentioned above. –DaveBurns Sep 29 '12 at 16:50 BTW, I made progress with this Check Verbose if you want to see ALL the messages, but be warned, the log file will become HUGE!

Q- I backup a task and everything seems to be OK. Q: Why the program fails to backup some files? Please use ONLY the support forum for questions. Restore Cobian Backup As @curts notes, the vendor has a simple solution. –Dave M Apr 10 '15 at 15:25 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Just add username and bassword to the

Advocates of mind uploading point to Moore's law to support the notion that the necessary computing power is expected to become available within a few decades…. Cobian Backup 11 Engine Not Found What do I do? If you don't use SSL and it makes you feel better, just delete the libraries. http://files.cobiansoft.com/forum/yaf_postsm5433_Read-timed-out-error.aspx All the TCP communication used in older versions has been eliminated.

No matter how many processors, memory, broadband, etc you have. Cobian Backup Forum Thanks to Manhiszvanna * When deleting backup files, a message was shown about the user aborting the operation. It must communicate with the engine, that may be running as a service or as an application in the background. I know the address exists.

Cobian Backup 11 Engine Not Found

Fixed. * When using zip compression, the number of checked files in the log was alwyas zero in some cases. Not anymore after version 7.1 Q- Please, please pretty please add a mirror function. Cobian Backup 11 Gravity To circumvent the Cobian behavior [to replace a foldername with it's UNC representation for a destination] one can do this: Part 1, some config: CD into the Cobian installation folder create Cobian Backup Delete Old Backups The task ID is now correctly changed, preventing the 2 lists to use the same task history * French help file updated. * Hungarian language updated. * Hungarian help file added

If your sources contain a huge number of file or it is a network source, this can be time consuming. check my blog Why? Computers A copy of a program or file that is stored separately from the original. 2. User ProfileView All Posts by UserView Thanks Sponsor karran #2 Posted : Friday, July 27, 2012 2:50:27 PM(UTC) Rank: NewbieGroups: Registered Joined: 7/27/2012(UTC)Posts: 3Location: sc I disabled windows firewall and Cobian Backup Tutorial

First: 1) Check if the service is running (in the case that the program was installed as a service) 2) If the program was installed as an application, re-run the program Please read THIS answer Q: The program works fine when running as an administrator or power user in XP/2000 but it refuses to start as a normal user. Thanks to Frans van der Kolk * Three french translations have been updated. * Greman translation updated 2005-06-30 Version BETA * The last version introduced some FTP problems when http://trinitylabsupply.com/cobian-backup/cobian-backup-11-out-of-memory.html Top Profile Reply with quote chrisbaker Post subject: Re: Filezilla and Cobian BackupPostPosted: 2009-08-06 18:29 Offline 500 Command not understood Joined: 2009-08-06 14:29 Posts: 5 First name: Chris Last

Permission denied(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:57 PM - rockgod (> CWD /(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:57 PM - rockgod (> 250 CWD successful. "/" is current directory.(000024) 8/2/2009 12:27:57 PM - rockgod (> NOOP(000024) 8/2/2009 Cobian Backup Types sry Top Profile Reply with quote xrockgodsynx Post subject: Re: Filezilla and Cobian BackupPostPosted: 2009-08-02 15:19 Offline 504 Command not implemented Joined: 2009-08-02 08:38 Posts: 7 First name: k Backup all your data online, completely secured in our state of the art datacenters and accessible whenever and wherever you need it….

Q: The program seems VERY slow when the interface starts up.

Edit the value adding the parameter -bu after the program name. Fixed * An error has been fixed when deleting empty read only directories * Russian language updated * French help file updated 2012-03-24 Version BETA * Catalonian language updated Note: This needs Windows7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. Cobian Backup Manual The program you want to stop is running in another desktop.

Why? There are several things that could cause the VSS to fail when creating a snapshot. Q- I want to backup to a FTP. http://trinitylabsupply.com/cobian-backup/cobian-backup-out-of-memory.html Q- My incremental or differential backup doesn't work.

The task will then try to impersonate the user and execute the task under that account. The mirroring effect that you got while compressing AND overwriting has been thankfully eliminated. share|improve this answer edited Sep 30 '12 at 18:56 HopelessN00b 44.6k1799168 answered Sep 30 '12 at 18:38 mabra 114 Mabra - thanks for the detailed comment. See the help file * Polish language updated * French language updated * Russian language updated * Latvian language updated * Italian language updated * Slovak language updated * Taiwanese language

if you get the error The engine is not found followed by "The engine has been found" then this is a completely normal event. Only a few programs support this format: WinZip 9.0 or newer, WinRAR, ZipGenius or the integrated Decompressor of Cobian Backup are a few of them. Your firewall must be configured to allow port 20 outbound connections if you are using active mode FTP.Are you sure Cerberus and your firewall are configured for the same passive port To fix this problem, go to Options and try to start the service there.

There were some bugs when including directories with simple masks that is now hopefully fixed * The time used to calculate the files to backup has now been reduced * The In this case you need to enter the class name in the form: class:the_class_name including the word "class:" with the colon. Why? The program compresses and encrypts twice.

So far I don't have an answer. –tony roth Jun 17 '12 at 2:06 add a comment| 7 Answers 7 active oldest votes up vote 4 down vote It is because Is it possible to find out about these errors and what they mean?