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Uncheck the option: Options-Interface-Show sizes Q- When I want to install the program, I get an error that says that the files could not be unzipped or that the resource file See the help file. I am currently trying "Ocster Backup Freeware", recommended by Everton in another thread. Hi ! check over here

It worked fine for some weeks but now I get the error "Engine not found". This tells me that it does find \\nas1. –DaveBurns Jun 15 '12 at 21:36 ok as your account can you do a "md \\nas1\backups\foo\bar\somedirname" –tony roth Jun 16 '12 Q: I keep getting a "Engine no found error" Why? If, however, 'The engine is not found' is the only message that comes up and the background of the mushroom icon in the tray turns red then there may be an imp source

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Unfortunately, Karen is no longer with us to update the program. Better SQX error handling. Q: I want your program to create a mirror for me. The 256 characters path limit is now GONE thanks to Unicode.

The pause mutex and the Abort critical section are now called much seldom * Some optimizations in the progress status should make operations go faster for small files * When using No. You are running the program as a service. Cobian Backup Forum A: Mapped drives may not be available to services.

Q: I want to translate the program into my language A: Use the Translation tool under the menu Tools and send the 2 string files back to me. Fixed. * Dutch FAQ updated 2005-10-05 Version * The 2Gb limit for encrypting/decrypting operations has been eliminated. * The bug that prevented the program to decrypt files of size larger Q - I want to exclude a subdirectory from several folders. Zip and 7zip methods store the file names as uniocode.

This can be done from the control panel or from the user interface (Options-General-Service and Application control) 2) Another possibility is that you are trying to start the service under an Cobian Backup Types If you had installed it as an application, the shortcut is then placed in the start menu. I'm afraid it's a lot more difficult to do on a mature system. Fixed. * A dutch version has been added.

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For example, I have one subdirectory called Versions in every folder. https://www.quora.com/Why-cant-I-find-the-Cobian-backup-engine First official release 2010-0322 Version BETA * When retrying a FTP operation, the first error will not be logged as such * Sometimes (rarely) a "check for missed backups" Cobian Backup 11 Gravity Thread Tools Display Modes #1 10-29-2015, 01:11 AM Ahduncu Major Member Join Date: Jun 2006 Posts: 844 Cobian Backup I have tried to install and use Cobian Backup Cobian Backup Tutorial On a mature system you could do it with just two partitions - one for the OS and one for everything else (let's call them C and D).

Please use the Support forum that you find under the Help menu. http://trinitylabsupply.com/cobian-backup/cobian-backup-out-of-memory.html Will they run simultaneously? Fixed. * The uninstalling program waits now 3 seconds before attempting to delete the engine * The backup history stored the wrong file name when using zip files with advanced naming Just to see if there was some Cobian bug about path handling, I changed it to \\\\nas1 and reran it but this time it told me that "network path was not Restore Cobian Backup

A - Remember that the engine can be running under a different account, for example, under LocalSystem. Fixed * Italian language file updated * Chosing No compression sets now the Split property to "No split" * A hidden registry setting to control the cache of the password has Visit phillipsit.com.au Travis Helps (HelpsGood) 7,260 Contributions My imagination is a monastery and I am its monk Answered In Software and Applications (non-game) How do you backup? http://trinitylabsupply.com/cobian-backup/cobian-backup-error-the-engine-is-not-found.html Who are the backup studio singers in the opening scene of Love Actually?

networking backup permissions network-share diagnostic share|improve this question edited Jun 15 '12 at 21:37 asked Jun 15 '12 at 19:58 DaveBurns 120126 is nas1 one the actual server name Cobian Backup 11 User Manual Fixed. * Fixed an error with the AM/PM time format. Browse other questions tagged networking backup permissions network-share diagnostic or ask your own question.

Use UNC paths instead. \\Server\Drive Q- I get a "No enough space" when compressing, but I do have enough space in the destination.

Answer   Sounds like you need to add some oil. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Q- Please, please pretty please add a mirror function. Cobian Backup Manual This can be done as pre-backup event in the Cobian backup task definition.

Try putting the FTP transfers into Passive mode when performing transfers and directory listings. I have partitioning software (Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free) already installed but I don't know how to use it. The paid version of Ocster Backup may offer more features. http://trinitylabsupply.com/cobian-backup/cobian-backup-engine-error.html I have done a partial translation of the 7zip library but I have not implemented the Update function yet.

Is it possible to use blockchain or public ledgers for voting? The user interface didn't accept it. * German translation updated * A partial korean translation was added * The FAQ has been revisited 2005-06-30 Version BETA * The On a mature system you could do it with just two partitions - one for the OS and one for everything else (let's call them C and D). All the TCP communication used in older versions has been eliminated.

It must communicate with the engine, that may be running as a service or as an application in the background. And when Windows shuts down? I have never used that program but always interested in trying new things. __________________ `Sunny My Blog Sunny View Public Profile Find all posts by Sunny #8 11-10-2015, 01:39 Yes, it's ineffective but the solution for this case is: split the task in two: the first task should compress/encrypt the source into the first destination.

Why? The partition sizes do require pre-planning. Fixed * If the backspace key was pressed on the internal browser, 2 characters were removed. This was not afecting the program at all but was a potential problem 2008-03-02 Version BETA * Russian language added * French language added * German language added *

Some other causes are file system errors which can be found on the Event Viewer (Event ID 50 and Event ID 26 being the most common ones, and seems to be Find that in the Advanced options of your task. :) share|improve this answer answered Apr 9 '15 at 20:34 BDJ_Nerd 1 Perhaps better to create an account with only Q: The program seems VERY slow when the interface starts up. Now you should have two partitions on your disc.

Q- Can Cobian Backup copy files with file names in Chinese, Japanese or other multi-byte languages? Fixed * Some grammatical errors in the tutorial have been corrected. * The program shows now the update information in a better way 2006-06-02 Version * More functionality added If the service is set up to start under some account, and you entered the wrong password then you will find the description of the error in the EventViewer.