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From Event Log, it shows "Warning: SMS message could not be sent to 668xxxxxxxx, Error - Modem Response (2): +CMS ERROR: 500", which is unknown error. E-mail: [email protected] If you have a technical question, please submit a support request on-line. If there is more than one for the modem, try all of them. It seems to be a bug in commonly used modem chipsets, where they do not read this address automatically from the SIM. check over here

Testing the Communication between the PC and GSM/GPRS Modem or Mobile Phone 19. Hence, the command line you entered, together with the response returned, will be displayed like this in a terminal program such as HyperTerminal of Microsoft Windows: AT+CMGR=11+CMS ERROR: 321 To find I'm having this error but I think I have good signal. What's the fastest way to generate a 1 GB file containing only random numbers?

Cms Error 500 Smscaster

I posted a list of CMS ERROR codes on the NowSMS discussion board almost 5 years ago at http://www.nowsms.com/discus/messages/1/829.html. What is an SMS Service Provider? luke Top #23 Mon May 25, 2009 08:40, 91 months ago. Below is the result displayed in Windows' HyperTerminal: AT+CGMI;+CMGR=11Nokia+CMS ERROR: 321

Below is the excerpt from the bb log >> >> >> 2011-06-23 19:44:04 [3009] [7] DEBUG: re-queing SMS not-yet-to-be resent >> 2011-06-23 19:44:04 [3009] [7] DEBUG: sms_router: handling message >> (0x9bd40d0 Your Email This email is in use. Administrator Registered:May 2009 Posts: 1731 Location: Jyväskylä, Finland You're welcome... Cms Error 304 GsmFavorites.com Internet resource for mobile communication software.

It notifies you about the occurrence of a message service failure. 16.2.1. Now you have a S40 "smart phone" with at least 3rd edition of firmware. WindowsDevelopment.com Internet Resource for Windows development software. PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2) but you have not entered it.

It has typos / grammatical mistakes. Cms Error 500 Huawei Have you tried to send SMS using ordinary phone and with success? Under the section header for the modem configuration (e.g., [Modem - …], add SMSC=+phonenumber, where "+phonenumber" is the address of the SMSC. luke Top #25 Mon May 25, 2009 09:10, 91 months ago.

What Is Sms Text Mode And Pdu Sms Mode?

it can come with no reason ... click to read more Your Email Password Forgot your password? Cms Error 500 Smscaster keke Top #6 Fri May 22, 2009 08:52, 91 months ago. Cms Error 305 Also can send message from computer using Nokia PC Suite.

However, the information element is not required to be present in the message in order for the equipment sending the cause to process the message. 111 - "Protocol error, unspecified"This cause keke Top #22 Fri May 22, 2009 13:32, 91 months ago. Result Codes of AT Commands 17. On which physical drive is this logical drive? Cms Error 321

I'm also having this error. Try this: AT ok AT+csca="+ sms service number,145" ok AT+cmgf=1 ok AT+cmgw="+yourcountrycode telephon number" all together Hi (Ctrl+z) +CMGW: (u will get random number) ok AT+cmss=(your random number) +CMSS:.... share|improve this answer answered Sep 23 '15 at 7:05 Bilal Qamar 566 add a comment| up vote -1 down vote i had the same problem. Why are rotational matrices not commutative?

Instead of just displaying the "ERROR" message, it also shows an error number. Gsmcomm Message Service Error 500 Occurred Following is an example that demonstrates the usage of the +CMS ERROR result code. How to Use Microsoft HyperTerminal to Send AT Commands to a Mobile Phone or GSM/GPRS Modem? 14.

Administrator Registered:May 2009 Posts: 1731 Location: Jyväskylä, Finland The sendsms script is ok, even when it's old and there is a better version available.You smsd also is very old, it could

Member Registered:May 2009 Posts: 22 Location: Austria Topic owner hmmmm the answer is: maybe OK ATE1 OK AT+CMGF=1 OK AT+CMGS="+43676xxxxxxx" > hello world� OK [ Select ]i have to end it but their card modems also have limitations on being able to handle received messages. -- Des NowSMS Support Jobin New memberUsername: Jobin135Post Number: 2Registered: 03-2009Posted on Monday, March 09, 2009 - With a smsd version you are using, destination number must always be written using international format (without a plus sign), Try To: 43676xxxxx and I think your message will be sent. Cms Error 21 These error codes are defined in the ETSI GSM specifications, specifically GSM 07.05, GSM 03.40 and GSM 04.11.

Menu Home Basic information: Slideshow, watch this first License How to compile/install - Instructions for Windows How to configure - Configuring providers Localizing How to run/use SMS file format - User error_code is an integer that is associated to a certain error. We try to keep this list up to date, so please send your comments to [email protected] or post them in our forum. Then send a message in to your system, and reply back here with the SMSDEBUG.LOG attached so that we can better understand what is happening (and better understand how your system

If the xx value is 99 (no signal), or lower than 10, you may have a signal problem. First try using ASCII mode:ATE1 to see that device answers and to turn echo onOKAT+CMGF=1 to select ASCII modeOKAT+CMGS="+43676xxxxx" to initialize sending> Type a text here. In the "SMSC" list, highlight the modem and press "Properties". It is not helpful.

Writing SMS Messages to Memory / Message Storage (AT+CMGW) 24. Introduction to GSM / GPRS Wireless Modems 13.