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Introduction to SMS Messaging 2. From there, we know that the read message operation failed because an invalid memory index was assigned to the AT command +CMGR. CMS ERROR 50 "Requested facility not subscribed" This cause indicates that the requested short message service could not be provided by the network because the user has not completed the necessary CMS ERROR 30 "Unknown subscriber" This cause indicates that the subscriber is not registered in the HLR (i.e. http://trinitylabsupply.com/cms-error/cms-error-operation-not-allowed.html

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I'm using Multitech MTCBA-G-U.FA. If we enter the command line "AT+CMGR=11" (it means "to read the SMS message at memory index 11"), Nokia 6021 will return a +CMS error: AT+CMGR=11+CMS ERROR: 321 As mentioned earlier, Send SMS with GSM Modem - CMS Error codes If you are trying to send an SMS messages with a GSM modem, the modem can return an error code in case Setting or Reading the Service Center Address / SMSC Address (AT+CSCA) 22.

the +CMS ERROR final result code will only be outputted by AT commands that are used to perform tasks related to SMS messaging. Help Legal Notice Terms of use Change style Round Solutions WoltLab Basic WoltLab Blue Sunrise Change style ----------------------- Round Solutions WoltLab Basic WoltLab Blue Sunrise Saturday, November 19th 2016, 6:44pm Go Now I do the same in another server with the same OS and GSM modem, but when I try to send a SMS with the sendsms script I get this error:GSM1: Cms Error 50 error_code is an integer that is associated to a certain error.

Writing SMS Messages to Memory / Message Storage (AT+CMGW) 24. Cms Error Codes Result Codes of AT Commands 17. The AT command +CPIN (command name in text: Enter PIN) can be used to send the PUK to the SIM card. 320 Memory/message storage failure. 321 The memory/message storage index assigned General Syntax of Extended AT Commands 16.

I get the same behaviour when using putty as well. Cms Error 500 CMS ERROR 10 "Call barred" This cause indicates that the outgoing call barred service applies to the short message service for the called destination. This cause is sent if the service request cannot be actioned because of congestion (e.g. CMS ERROR 97 "Message type non existent or not implemented" This cause indicates that the equipment sending this cause has received a message with a message type it does not recognize

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Limits to infinity of a factorial function How to concentrate during conference talks where the quality of the presentation is poor? http://www.developershome.com/sms/resultCodes2.asp CMS ERROR 81 "Invalid short message transfer reference value" This cause indicates that the equipment sending this cause has received a message with a short message reference which is not currently Cms Error 38 IMSI or directory number is not allocated to a subscriber). Cms Error 304 Not the answer you're looking for?

Preferred Message Storage (AT+CPMS) 23. How to respond to your boss's email about a coworker's accusation? The first thing I would do is reset your modem to see if this corrects the problem. Table of +CMS Error Codes and Their Meanings The following table lists some of the +CMS error codes and their meanings. +CMS error code Meaning 300 Mobile equipment (ME) failure. +cme Error: 3

Final Result Code Specific to SMS AT Commands Preferences - Do not show ads The final result codes OK and ERROR are available to all AT commands. CMS ERROR 98 "Message not compatible with short message protocol state" This cause indicates that the equipment sending this cause has received a message such that the procedures do not indicate The error is coming from the modem, not from NowSMS. SMS Tutorial Table of Contents SMS Tutorial Contents at a Glance Preferences - Change Color Scheme Preferences - Do Not Show Ads Previous Page Next Page International SMS Gateway Provider Home

You can check via AT+COPS?. Cms Error 515 share|improve this answer answered Aug 18 '11 at 10:49 VVS 14.6k32656 I just checked and it returned something. Operating Mode: SMS Text Mode and SMS PDU Mode 21.

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CMS ERROR 38 "Network out of order" This cause indicates that the network is not functioning correctly and that the condition is likely to last a relatively long period of time; As mentioned earlier, after the execution of a command line, only one final result code is returned. CMS ERROR 95 "Invalid message, unspecified" This cause is used to report an invalid message event only when no other cause in the invalid message class applies. Support Support Forums Quick Start Guide Developer APIs MMSC Training Documents MMS Protocol Overview Phone To MMSC Protocol (MM1) MMSC Interconnection Protocol (MM4) Tech Support Bulletins Tech Support Blog Software Updates

The SIM card requires a password (e.g. CMS ERROR 28 "Unidentified subscriber" This cause indicates that the subscriber is not registered in the PLMN (i.e. CMS ERROR 8 "Operator determined barring" This cause indicates that the MS has tried to send a mobile originating short message when the MS's network operator or service provider has forbidden