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If you prefer to purchase them online, here are a few suggestions: LiveAquaria.comReefCleaners.orgReeftopia.comSaltwaterfish.comkpaquatics.comBillysReefConnection.com Saltwater Newbie Guide Google Plus One Contact Us Home Help RO/DI FAQ News Testimonials Sitemap Copyright 2004-2016 | Part of a healthy reef is a healthy clean up crew, and replacing what has been lost over time is a necessity for longterm success. Red-legged hermit crabs stay small and are very hardy -- unlike most hermit crabs, they are also generally peaceful towards others in the tank. REEF AQUARIUMS: IS BIGGER REALLY BETTER? his comment is here

However, this does not mean the particular invert is compatible with your system. Please read all item descriptions, and when in doubt contact us.     Shipping and Terms

This is a UNDERSTANDING THE COLORATION OF SALTWATER FISH Have you ever been dazzled by the bright colors and bold patterns of a school of saltwater fish? Family: DiogenidaeRange: CaribbeanSize: Up to 2.5cm/1”Diet: OmnivoreReef compatible: YesTank conditions: 22-26°C/72-78ºF; sg 1.023-1.025; pH 8.1-8.4Temperament: PeacefulCare level: EasyPrice: £2-5 Peppermint shrimp (Lysmata wurdemanni)Known to manage nuisance Aiptasia anemones, this brightly coloured SALTWATER AQUARIUM ARTICLES STOCKING THE TANK The fish you choose to stock your tank is not a decision that should be made lightly. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/aquarium-fish-supplies.cfm?c=420

Aquarium Clean Up Crew Freshwater

These can be very disruptive creatures, climbing everywhere with their large and bulky shells dislodging corals or loose rockwork. Please be pro-active.

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The Store Tank Cleaners Plants/Macroalgae Cleaner Packages Rock & Barnacles Bulk Lots Other Inverts   Supplies Cleaning Supplies Food Testing If you have a tall tank then perhaps only keep one per five gallons. This is because of the slow metabolism and low oxygen consumption of algae eating invertebrates used in standard cleanup crews when compared to more active fish.   Click here for answers

Tangs are not just some of the most brightly colored species of tropical saltwater fish - they are also great additions to the reef tank. WHAT IS A NANO REEF? SEA URCHINS IN THE SALTWATER TANK If you are looking for a unique invertebrate to add to your saltwater tank, consider the sea urchin. Clean Up Crew Game Having only subtle differences it is easy to see why some Peppermint shrimps eat Aiptasia, while others don’t.

This snail is popular due to its ability to mow vast areas of nuisance algae. Reef Tank Clean Up Crew Recommendations We do not buy products from any regions with a lack of regulatory oversight of the fishing industry. Sea apples and cucumbers (Pseudocolochirus)Commonly imported sea cucumbers belong to the genus Pseudocolochirus, with the most common species being the Indonesian Sea Apple (P. https://www.reefcleaners.org/when-to-add-a-clean-up-crew In nature, tons of little creatures clean up our oceans' reefs, coming out of the rockwork after dark, picking algae out of corals, off clams, and off the rock structure.

TIPS FOR CARING FOR TANGS PROPERLY Tangs are a group of fish that make excellent additions to the saltwater tank. Saltwater Cleaner Fish Create an Account Quick Links   Shipping Information Store Policies FAQ/Sitemap Aquarium Care Contact Us Featured Articles: Nuisance Algae Guide Beginner's Guide Macroalgae Care Growing Guides Aquarium Sterilization Store Links: Tank FOAM BUILD-UP ON SALTWATER TANK SURFACE Foam build-up is a common problem in the saltwater tank. HOW TO KEEP YOUR SALTWATER AQUARIUM FROM OVERHEATING Learn how to keep your saltwater aquarium from overheating.

Reef Tank Clean Up Crew Recommendations

Arrow crabs (Stenorhynchus seticornis) The Arrow crab is nocturnal, rarely seen during daylight. http://melevsreef.com/node/1981 These are particularly unwelcome: Large hermit crabs (Dardanus, Aniculus, Trizopaurus)Bigger crabs such as the Anemone hermit (Dardanus pedunculatus), Hairy hermit (Aniculus maximus) and Halloween hermit (Trizopagurus strigatus) are best suited to Aquarium Clean Up Crew Freshwater Given time, adequate conditions and food they should be seen more frequently.Appetite for Aiptasia aside, Peppermint shrimps are valuable scavengers, picking over live rock to consume detritus, uneaten food and decomposing Clean Up Crew Calculator Alive Arrival Guarantee: If your pets do not make the trip, we offer an Alive Arrival Guarantee.

You will need to add a few at a time to ensure that there is enough food to go around. this content When should I add a clean up crew to my tank? Yes. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE FOR REEF TANKS Maintaining a reef tank can be a challenge but as long as you keep up with your routine maintenance tasks, you should have no problem. Clean Up Crew Job Description

COMMON SALTWATER AQUARIUM FISH DISEASES No matter how hard you try, you cannot completely protect your fish from falling ill. If you have fish that eat snails, this too can be problematic to maintining a decent snail population. SEA CUCUMBERS FOR REEF TANKS Sea cucumbers are found throughout the ocean but they are a popular addition to saltwater reef tanks. weblink A clean-up crew consists of snails, crabs, shrimps, and starfish in your saltwater aquarium that perform the following tasks: · Clean-up detritus (non-living organic matter) · Sift through your sand ·

It usually tolerates other shrimps, but may nip colonial anemones, disc anemones and soft leather corals, so cannot be considered strictly reef safe. Clean Up Crew Marine fluctuosa.Lithopoma tectum, formerly Astraeca tecta, are more at home on live rock and move between the rockwork and glass. Otherwise USPS Express is a flat rate of $35 , and Priority Mail is a flat rate of $10.50.

Whether you are looking for a new challenge as a saltwater aquarium enthusiast or you are trying your hand at a reef tank for the first time, a nano reef is

When target feeding scavengers such as Nassarius snails or starfish it is important to remember they have slow metabolisms compared to fish - feed sparingly and infrequently. (Once or twice a comments powered by Disqus PREVIOUSARTICLE STOCKING SALT WATER REEF TANKS Learn how to select the right quantity and combination of fish for your saltwater aquarium. If you take the time to research the specimens you want to include in your clean-up crew, however, and make sure to provide plenty of food, your clean-up crew will help Marine Clean Up Crew Pack Phone: 7276230914.

However, there are some things to keep in mind when establishing your cleanup crew. MAINTAINING YOUR SALTWATER TANK Tips for maintaining a saltwater fish tank. How do I request a later shipping date? http://trinitylabsupply.com/clean-up/clean-up-bags.html The two generally accepted as forming a major part of any clean-up crew are Astraea and Trochus.

Snails are particularly popular as members of a saltwater clean-up crew because they are very efficient. They are reef safe (although some people do report they can kill specimens that are injured or dying), but have been known to be aggressive towards snails.