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Clarion Error Code 90

The next issue which is also fairly common, is when using TPS and SQL files in your program, is it absolutely necessary to call the Connect Procedure? Clarion LRM File Command: Close Clarion ABC: Close() Error: LOGOUT active Errorcode(): 56 Message Equate: NH Chart Key: H = Error is handled by ABC NH = Error is not handled Error: Too Many Open Files Errorcode(): 04 Message Equate: Msg:OpenFailed Error Level: Fatal Error: Access Denied Errorcode(): 05 Message Equate: H Error Level: Fatal It tries to recover the file. So nulls/blanks are included in the key. navigate here

We decided that in FM3's case, the Dictionary is the master, and therefore the backend must be "big enough" to handle any data passed from the frontend. tried the cold reset and same problem. Requires binary strings to be set to BINARY in the dct. Ensure that all object names do not use Reserved Keywords. http://computer-programming-forum.com/18-clarion/7f9a4d501f1d5790.htm

Your Date and/or time is part of a unique key (or your TIME is part of any index). As with Clarion, large data is not stored within the record. With FM3, we needed a rule, so we don't go around in circles converting datatypes endlessly! When I solved this for myself, I had turned these off, and then I turned them back on after I deleted a statistic and added the new index.

For instance, CWLR defines errors 38, 53, 56, 79, 81, 88, 90, 800, and 801. Clarion Datatypes do not match Oracle Datatypes directly. It is also not illegal to use multi-component keys as your primary key, but this can also be untidy and slow things down. Not Connecting to PostgreSQL?

Run the 'Import the SQL Connect procedure' template utility. Ok, so how then does FM3's new Control Template allow me to accomplish all this? Otherwise, if you, and only you (or any other Clarion programmer) are going to be using the data - joy joy and more joy - keys are a breeze, date calculations http://www.lawebdelprogramador.com/foros/Clarion/581544-Error-90.html If you would like to enforce a structure change, then on the FM3 connect window (at runtime), you can check the Force FM3 Full Data Structure Comparison checkbox.

You can still use this in SQL, but there are some disadvantages to this approach - especially if multiple applications are writing to the database simultaneously. This is called the field collation. while it performs the restoration. It worked before the upgradation of6.5.6 to 7.0.1.

FM3 therefore uses it's own system file to connect to the backend at this point. http://www.icetips.com/showarticle.php?articleid=708 This will cater for the use of GUIDs in your dictionary. The Clarion docs state that for SQL, it is not vital for your keys to match exactly. BDE will add these useroptions in when doing the conversion.

So, if for example you set a certain file with this option on, you can then override that setting for a specific key by setting the key level option to 0. http://trinitylabsupply.com/clarion-error/clarion-error-code-78.html How to prevent duplicate records appearing in a browse Add a Manual Sort order with main the Sort Column/Field and also the Record Primary Key as a Secondary then the Duplicates This will cater for non-GUID fields that contain binary data. I've got an C4 application running on NT4 SP3, every now and it will come up with this Errorcode 90,Fileerrorcode 1194 stopping all further transactions with this file.

Choose the database and the table, then scroll down to select a "statistic" from the list for a column you don't care about (that is, one that is seldom or never Saludos.-Valora esta respuesta0Comentar Analista de SistemasBrowse, Fechas, Clarion y SQLServer Enviar a un amigoOtras secciones relacionadas con ClarionCursosCódigo FuenteGeneral RSS del foroExpertosTus mensajesRecomendar Seguir a @lwp_ Información y RecursosCursos y ManualesBiblioteca Alternatively, add your code in the first embed point of the routine, and remember to exit afterwards. his comment is here i.e.

For example, if you import an oracle table into your dictionary, you may get a lot of PDECIMAL fields you weren't expecting. Related articles Using IDENTITY columns with Clarion files Directly query SQL databases Developer tutorials Clarion Trace can cause programs and Clarion to crash Create code snippets for Build Automator Powered by You'll need to use the ForceSQLdatetype field user option to set this up so that FM3 creates the field correctly, and does not try to alter it (once created): ForceSQLDataType AS

SQL Databases are generally described as relational database management systems. * The Btrieve driver can be Client Server or Flat File.

The advantage of this is that you already know what the value is, so in the case of child tables you are set for good. Image and Text types vs Binary data In TPS files, all string data is stored as binary data. These points are provided for your information to help you make the best design choice for your scenario! This may be obvious for most SQL datatypes, but in Oracle we have found it to be significantly different.

Select the new database you just created from the To database drop list, and then enter the filename you copied in the From device field (not that simple - but following If you have any dynamic or static indexes defined in your dictionary, you will need to delete them, or change them to keys. LOGOUT Errorcode 48 6. weblink MSSQL Utility Stored Procedures The first in this section is a MSSQL Stored Procedure for returning Clarion date and time integer values in MSSQL's datetime datatype.

Please update. 0 Kudos Reply Hi It is saying that G Mark_Solutions Moderator Partner Trusted Advisor Accredited Certified ‎11-09-2011 09:05 AM Options Mark as New Bookmark Subscribe Subscribe to RSS RamonBoorges 2014-12-17 15:01:33 UTC #22 viewTabela view(RESPOSTA) project(RES:COLUNA1) project(RES:COLUNA2) project(RES:COLUNA3) project(RES:COLUNA4) project(RES:COLUNA5) project(RES:COLUNA6) project(RES:COLUNA7) project(RES:COLUNA8) project(RES:COLUNA9) end open(viewTabela) L:SQL = 'select * from cl_clire where cd_repre = ' & REP:Cd_Repre & For complete automation of FM3 administration, the user should also be a member of the SysAdmin role (MsSQL). Here's how to do that: For some reason, the "Manage Statistics" dialog box is in SQL Query Analyzer, not Enterprise Manager.

Clarion (bydefault) passes a value - other SQL backends ignore this value when inserting a record, whereas PostgreSQL will apply this passed value - thus not auto-incrementing the field. What to do: Change them to keys, or delete them. Please post log as attachment after next failure. On the other hand, ERRORS.CLW has an entry for 15 … I'd like to augment the Clarion error handling system with a … my laserjet 5550dn colour printer has an error

Or not in place? Saving Connection info in there is not always the best choice. Code example: CLARION: Example Field Name Data Type UserOption to add MyDateTime string(8) UnRealField MyDateTime_Group group,over(MyDateTime) MyDateTime_Date date RealField MyDateTime_Time time RealField end If you are converting from an existing Dictionary, then you can effectively get around this by using the Full Path Name, and External Name attributes to declare non reserved names.

For more information on how to use User Options in FM3, see the Dictionary User Option Reference. scrolling from -90 to 90 4. In this case, FM3 could struggle to create indices on the backend, which will result in only primary and unique keys being created (instead of all the indices, if DCTMasterKeys is Use the | BINARY dictionary switch in the external name (see the dictionary help on External name options) to inform FM3 that this is a binary string and should be created

In SQL nullability is on the _field_ not the key. This typically studies the statements the server receives and suggests the indexes needed to optimize the database based on the queries. If you import a float from MSSQL to the dct, it generates a Clarion REAL.