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Cisco Error Command Is Not Mutually Exclusive


The mentioned Cisco Error Command Is Not Mutually Exclusive above are only few of the many that you may encounter in the future. This will only occur when using a 2148 FEX.SOLUTION:     This is a hardware limitation of the 2148 FEX. The mere act of pressing the ESC key and the Ctrl + Alt + Del combination is certainly not the solution for this. Il existe 2 méthodes pour faire cela, soit configurer les 2 Nexus un par un manuellement, soit à l'aide de la synchronisation de configurations, les configurer tous les 2 en une Check This Out

This will enable spanning tree Bridge Assurance on vPC peer-link provided the STP Bridge Assurance (which is enabled by default) is not disabled. Depuis il est possible de définir les droits RBAC à un autre utilisateur de sorte à ce qu'il puisse modifier un profile créé par un autre utilisateur mais également pour qu'il Nexus 1 : feature vpcfeature lacp vrf context management  ip route interface mgmt0  ip address vpc domain 1  role priority 1  peer-keepalive destination interface port-channel1  description Peer-Link  However, in our secondary data center the 5548s and 2232s were configured from the start with the switch profiles and switch profiles work VERY well there. https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/90456/nexus-5000-troubleshooting-guide

Remove Interface From Switch-profile

The next step is to configure a switch profile with a name and a peer destination IP address. Solution The peer is handling a transaction and cannot accept a lock request. N5K-02# show system internal csm info switch-profile cfgd-db cmd-tbl | sec 101/1/15 parent_seq_no= 0, seq_no= 1079, clone_seq_no= 0, cmd= 'interface Ethernet101/1/15' N5K-02# show system internal csm info global-db cmd-tbl | sec Ensures configuration consistency across peers through merge and mutual‐exclusion checks.

This allows you to have a total of two links in the same port-channel across the two 2148. After both peers are configured and synchronized, you enter the shared commands for both switches on one switch in the switch profile. Now it became obvious what this error means… It tells network engineer that configuration was not wiped out from the internal configuration structures! Cisco Fex Incompatible Topology Is there a reason for that? (vPC peer link failure scenarios on N7k or something like that?) Thanks, Diemtar Select category All Business Business Leadership Data Center General Networking Network Infrastructure

says: 28/02/2014 at 12:31 Good one, can you tell me what nx-os version did you have on this 55xx? Local information: ---------------- Status: Commit Success Error(s): Peer information: ---------------- IP-address: Sync-status: In sync Status: Commit Success Error(s): All rather messy! Solution If you do not want these commands synchronized, remove the commands from conf-t. http://nexp.com.ua/technologies/nx-os/troubleshooting-nx-os-config-sync/ says: 28/02/2014 at 14:50 Nexus 5548, upgrade from 5.1(3)N2(1b) to 5.2(1)N1(5), a response we got from TAC is to re-create switch-profile.

Use the buffer-move and buffer-delete commands to remove commands not to be synced and then commit the configurations. Failed To Commit: Commit Failed Again, it's not a requirement to use switch profiles. As result, the switches stuck in internally unsynchronized/non-consistent state. If the configurations are different within the SP when the sync-peer command is added, a merge failure occurs.

Resync-database Nexus

It is easy to determine possible solutions by means of this. Nexus 1 : Nexus-1# sh switch-profile peer switch-profile : Profile-vPC-1----------------------------------------------------------Peer-IP-address : : In syncPeer-status : Commit SuccessPeer-error(s) : L'erreur "Error: Command is not mutually exclusive" peut apparaitre lorsque que la commande a Remove Interface From Switch-profile It is possible that the configuration is deleted out of order. Fex Identity Mismatch Cisco Ucs Please avoid other configuration changes during this time.

Merge Failure A merge between peers happens when a peer becomes reachable. his comment is here This messed things up when I tried to change the model - the command verified OK but failed on the peer when I tried committing, claiming there was a mismatch. Import best practices The import option is used when the system is already configured and you want to bring in an existing configuration within the switch-profile and sync it with the With an example - first break the synchronisation and copy the commands in the switch-profile to the local configuration: n5k-bottom# conf sync Enter configuration commands, one per line. Config Sync Nexus 5000

This is mainly because it is not always that you have all the resources to get a new operating system or re-install everything. In this post, I will show a Switch Profile configuration example. Reply Andrew R. http://trinitylabsupply.com/cisco-error/cisco-error-46-fix.html This same situation also applies for 10G SFPs if you have speed 1000 configured on the port instead of 10000.Configure ‘switchport mode fex-fabric’     The second scenario that sees this error message

To fix this case, simply configure ‘speed 1000’ on the interface. Sync-status: Not Yet Merged Nexus 2 : Nexus 2# show vpc brief Legend:                (*) - local vPC is down, forwarding via vPC peer-linkvPC domain id                     : 1   Peer status                       : peer adjacency formed ok      vPC Créer un compte Pour valider ce formulaire, vous devez remplir tous les champs.

If you carefully follow Cisco's guidelines while importing configuration, you probably won't have any problems.

I strongly recommend that you play with this in a lab setting first, or at least test it out on gear before it goes into production. Commands that failed commit Possible Cause Commands failed during commit. Mutual exclusion check under local information Possible Cause Command failed mutual-exclusion check under local information because the command has already been configured from conf-t. Fex Type Mismatch And, to make things worse… these databases can become unsynchronized with running-configuration.

Somehow things have gone awry, but it's easy to fix by resyncing the database which, in this case, caused the local configuration to clear itself (but sometimes it can have other Configuration de l'adresse IP multicast CFSoIP sur chaque Nexus Pour utiliser CFSoIP afin d'activer la synchronisation de configuration, faire comme décrit ci-dessous. Commit Successful Then you mistakenly go to configure the FEX in local (configure terminal) mode but realise your mistake, even enter no subcommands, you cannot remove the fex stanza because it navigate here If you have carefully read Cisco's Config Sync … there is a command to force … bridge-domain .

Solution Correct the commands, references, and reissue the delete. End with CNTL/Z. If one of a pair of VPC switches was previously configured and the other switch was RMA’ed, then the switch-profile is created on both switches using the sync-peer command. For a list of supported Cisco transceivers, you can use the following link:Table 2: Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Transceiver Support Matrixhttp://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/switches/ps9441/ps9670/data_sheet_c78-461802.htmlMake sure the SFP is seated properly.      In rare cases,

It will be great if you know how to solve the problem by yourself. This doesn't look right if you compare this output to the running-configuration contents shown few paragraphs before. Une attention particulière est à porter aux clusters vPC dont les peers ne sont pas dans la même version. Reply Petya Karayaneva says: 04/03/2014 at 14:59 Thank you!