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All that has been presented in the post which started this thread was a way to calculate a set of statistical data which could be used for things like comparing two Another simple measure is what Williams refers to as the Rayleigh estimate. rC -- circular error probable K1 -- rational coefficient for deciding structural design of warhead From statistics, the required Kn for casualty and detonation during the destruction and damaging of various Statistical techniques are used to meas... Check This Out

Will the next five all fall within 1 MOA of the POI? Mentioned in ? Fine, but why can't it just be left at that and then leave the "elf's" to their "fantasy". "Elf's" like Dr. g., INS, GPS, aircraft, and oper-ator). 13.3.2.

Target Location. 13.1.1. Also, the idea that we should consider a alternate method of scoring match targets falls into the you've got to be kidding category. So this accountant is shooting 1K...... Spherical Error (SE) is the three- dimen-sional combination of horizontal and vertical errors at 90% probability and will be increasingly used as the measure of geospatial fidelity in the near future.

Ask questions, get answers. Ehrlich, Robert (1985). When c-t-c aggs are used to determine what small effect a variable has, there's no way to gauge the 'confidence' in the observation. Geospatial position accuracy is traditionally measured in feet or meters of Linear Error (LE) for heights and feet or meters of Circular Error (CE) for horizontal position, both at 90% probability.

And you measure them EXACTLY.... Now assuming this information is to be used by competitive shooters. Precision-guided munitions generally have more "close misses" and so are not normally distributed. Datums.

The same is true of land-based weapons. The formula is straightforward for the case in which the distribution is unbiased, circular-normal. If the formula is used as given on the page it yields 1.41*sigam. OK, so why is that relevant?

To use this banner, please see the full instructions. PPDB accuracy is estimated for the entire coverage. NIMA began phasing out hardcopy PPDB's production in FY96. The basic definition of an error distribution assumes that systematic errors and blunders have been removed and only random errors are left.

You have to know how barrel condition (wear, cleanliness, temperature, etc.) can be expected to affect the predictions, as well as different loads, weather, etc. http://trinitylabsupply.com/circular-error/circular-error-probable-bomb.html Suppose the whole characterization of the rifle was done over again under reasonably identical conditions. (So we assume the barrel was broken in and that the wear in the barrel from Since many munitions are designed to impact the ground at or near vertical, many actually have circular errors.(Jeff the Baptist (talk) 14:48, 8 July 2008 (UTC)) Downrange error is larger. Absolute accuracy tells how close each feature or data point is to the specified higher standard.

Munitions may also have larger standard deviation of range errors than the standard deviation of azimuth (deflection) errors, resulting in an elliptical confidence region. The problem is that when making a PREDICTION there is a tolerance (also called an uncertainty) in the this 1 MOA number, and here is where a big part of the nothing could be further from the truth. this contact form The implication is that that group size is somehow representative of the accuracy you can expect from the rifle IN THE FUTURE.

Don't even bother taking longer shots, they're LUCK. Period. Based on our analysis, I believe these statistical measures have several advantages over the c-t-c measures we traditionally use.

May we have that discussion, please? (talk) 22:12, 28 December 2015 (UTC) Good morning!

There is also well developed thought in the literature to include bias in the CEP calculation. It sure didn't sound like "never mind, I'm happy to let your edit stand" or "oops, I reverted too fast". And maybe after all of this testing we would start to see the effect of wear on the barrel and so our results which were true for the original rifle are It would be foolish, and I haven't seen, and hope no one would suggest, that statistical results be thought of as something to take the place of knowledge and experience.

This tells you that to say with more certainty you have to shoot a few more groups to "average out" more of the uncertainty. A grouping is described by a mathematical probability distribution. chisqr12-05-2008, 04:30 PMI want to know this....when I shoot a group of .200 or less....how in the heck do you know EXACTLY where each shot landed. navigate here Trying to re-think the equation to convince yourself that your equipment is better than it is will not impress the Official Scorer one bit.

These measures convey a confidence level to the user for the probably accuracy of NIMA data. However, given the amount of effort and money spent trying to make groups just that much smaller I would think any information which could help do that would be useful. and if there's a question of a record them more people measure them EXACTLY and you average the few thousandths left over...... Is {{Only-two-dabs}} preferred?

They might even just want to say they don't think any of this is worthwhile. Predictions are different. Hovis chisqr12-08-2008, 05:23 PMI was going to comment on how the point made above about variability and how it also relates to how group size (as measured with c-t-c, aka extreme I haven't been able to find any online source supporting this though, but this one does somewhat. --Heb (talk) 13:09, 28 August 2013 (UTC) Indeed, CEP90 is a measure commonly used

Further, equations 3.5 and 3.6 seem to support the definition rather than the Table value. Thus, it seemed there was very much an active dispute. Precise Geopositioning Capability. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As it is, we can all share the IP. WikiProject Military history (Rated Start-Class) This article is within the scope of the Military history WikiProject. Below is a list of links that were found on the main page: http://web.archive.org/web/20110720122829/http://www.naval-technology.com/projects/vanguard/ Triggered by \bnaval-technology\.com\b on the local blacklist If you would like me to provide more information on But, statistical data it is -- a rose by any other name still smells as sweet.

Target Location Error (TLE) is the difference between the actual location of the target and the expected location. Precision and Accuracy. There are further corrections if the samples are correlated. Because people know that even under effectively identical conditions each group will be different in the placement of each individual shot and the variation from group to group needs to be

Let's skip the you could part and skip to the I have, with pictures of targets. C-T-C will only tell us how tightly those five shots were grouped, as that group is described by the two extremes in location. Target Location. Comcast — motion to dismissApollo Experience Report Guidance and Control Systems Primary Guidance, Navigation, And Control System DevelopmentCapitol TweetsAs 60146.1.2-2002 Semiconductor Converters General Requirements and Line Commutated Converters - ApplicationApplied ElectronicsMSFC