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For heights of burst (HOBs) or depths of burst (DOBs) other than a contact burst, PDCALC makes use of a coupling curve to determine the equivalent contact-burst yield. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Second, precision provides for measurability. However, that same static artillery piece parked in a crowded market reduces the precision of the same 500-pound, laser-guided weapon due to the potential for undesired effects. Check This Out

Thus the MSE results from pooling all these sources of error, geometrically corresponding to radius of a circle within which 50% of rounds will land. Sakulich argues that current use of the terms precision engagement and precision strategic application misrepresents the capability of the military planner to predict strategic effects from tactical effects. For surface and near-surface targets, hardness is expressed in terms of DIA’s vulnerability numbers (VN or equivalently peak surface overpressure). Examining these figures, one observes the following: The effectiveness of a 250 kiloton contact burst is about the same as that of a 10 kiloton EPW, as expected from the analysis

Circular Error Probable

For surface and near-surface targets of interest, as shown in Figures 4.17 through 4.19 (in Attachment 4.2), detonating a weapon at its fallout-free height of burst could effectively destroy a target H. (1966). "Asymptotic properties of some estimators of quantiles of circular error." Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol. 61 (315), pp. 618–632. Positive numbers signify below ground. (See Appendix C.) Equivalent yield factors for coupled energy asymptotically approach 100 (i.e., as burial depth increases); indeed an earth-penetrator weapon is effectively fully coupled at This report provides the results of those analyses.

Since the lethality is proportional to W1/3, for a given PD there is a finite limit to the hardness of the target that can be destroyed at the fallout-free HOB. For example, a yield of ~70 kilotons is required to achieve a PD of 0.95 against a 1,000 psi hard target if the CEP is 100 meters, whereas less than 1 The planners were able to reduce from eight to two the number of 2,000-pound PGMs directed at each SOC on the first night of the war. Circular Error Excel Mann, Endersby, and Searle, “Dominant Effects,” 99–100. 11.

Ground-shock-coupled energy includes the additional energy coupled to the ground by surface air blast for height of burst detonations. 3. Circular Error Probable Calculation Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons. PED (PROBABLE ERROR DEFLECTION) Similar to PER, but dealing with deflection. http://www.alternatewars.com/BBOW/Weapons/Weapon_Effectiveness_Definitions.htm In their article “Dominant Effects: Effects-Based Joint Operations,” Edward Mann, Gary Endersby, and Tom Searle break this definition out further into direct effects, or first-order effects, and indirect effects, or second-order

For example, defenses against a weapon that is air-delivered are quite widespread, whereas ballistic missile defenses are virtually nonexistent. Circular Error Probable Gps Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons. doi: 10.17226/11282. × Save Cancel FIGURE 4.5 Effectiveness of contact bursts against some deeply buried targets. This test is scheduled for late 2005.

Circular Error Probable Calculation

All of the Hard Hat structures were 2 meters in interior diameter, while the Pile Driver structures ranged from 1 to 6 meters in interior diameter. Coupling increases by more than an order of magnitude in the region between contact and 1 m/kt1/3 DOB. Circular Error Probable doi: 10.17226/11282. × Save Cancel Page 33 Share Cite Suggested Citation: "4 Effectiveness of Nuclear Weapons Against Hard and Deeply Buried Targets." National Research Council. 2005. Circular Error Probable Excel Figure 4.1 shows the equivalent yield factors normalized to a contact burst using the DTRA-recommended, scaled HOB of 0.05 m/kt1/3.

Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons. his comment is here Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons. He proposes a definition that focuses specifically on the preciseness of the weapon’s effect rather than on the meaning of "precision" as it relates to the accuracy of a weapon’s guidance The calculations presented should all be viewed with these intelligence uncertainties in mind. Circular Error Probable Matlab

See Michael W. Welch, “The Evolving Battlefield,” Physics Today 53, no. 12 (December 2000): 31, http://www.physicstoday.org/pt/vol-53/iss-12/p31.html. 18. Only a contact burst would be effective. http://trinitylabsupply.com/circular-error/circular-error-probability.html This article proposes that a precision weapon be defined as a tactical capability providing measurable and quantifiable first-order effects and minimal unintended or undesirable effects.

During Operation Allied Force in Kosovo, -pilots often had difficulty identifying vehicles on the ground as enemy or noncombatant. Spherical Error Probable Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. The distance from the impact point of a weapon at which its blast or fragmentation effects are likely to cause effective casualties.

In simple terms, a precision-guided weapon provided more than just destructive results; it ensured a tactical effect with just one or two weapons.

Figure 4.15 is similar to Figure 4.14, except that the weapon is detonated at the fallout-free HOB. URL http://www.jstor.org/stable/2290205 Daniel Wollschläger (2014), "Analyzing shape, accuracy, and precison of shooting results with shotGroups". [4] Reference manual for shotGroups, an R package [5] Winkler, V. Gen Wesley Clark commented, “We needed to know what was inside of the trucks. Circular Error Probable Calculator Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons.

Geologic properties also play a role. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Search for: Recent Posts Developing a flight debriefing and analysissystem Southern Ontario crosscountry A look back… Force sensing vs. navigate here GVNs are developed by DIA using the DUG1c ground-shock model.

Ibid., 14. 20. Conclusion This article does not propose any change in the targeting process.